XyLoc Provides Full-Time Workstation Security, Maximum User Convenience.

FACT: Most data breaches and damage to IT assets occur as a result of inappropriate internal access to poorly secured PCs.

Protection of information assets continues to be a critical daily concern for organizations around the world. And while much media attention is routinely given to the threats that originate from outside the organization, Ensure Technologies combats internal PC security exposures with its industry-proven XyLoc product family. XyLoc utilizes patented technology to provide the only radio frequency-based (RFID), active proximity ‘walk-away’ security products that automatically protect PCs when their users step away from them.

No more need for users to remember to secure sensitive workstations before temporarily leaving them. And no more periods of vulnerability as a result of timeout-based security settings. XyLoc takes the burden of security compliance off the user and brings a level of personalization and convenience never before possible. XyLoc is the only security solution that continues to actively protect the computer – and therefore the organization’s entire network – after a user has logged on.

With over 200,000 users deployed worldwide today, XyLoc from Ensure Technologies is a proven solution – for hospitals and other healthcare providers, legal and financial institutions, government agencies, and any organization where internal security threats to computers are a serious concern.

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