Leverage XyLoc’s Patented Active RF Proximity Solutions for Maximum User Productivity and Walk-Away Security

XyLoc Active RF Proximity Solution | Walk-Away Security

XyLoc Active RF proximity cards and readers provide full-time, walk-away security for PC workstations

XyLoc® protects workstations at a point when they are most vulnerable – after an authorized user logs on, and then steps away from the machine.  XyLoc consists of a radio receiver ‘Lock’ (reader) that plugs into the protected computer via USB, a wireless radio transmitter ‘Key’ (badge/card) worn by the user, and client/server software components.

XyLoc provides full-time access control by assessing a user’s proximity and automatically locking the computer screen and keyboard when the user leaves the workstation. XyLoc knows when users are approaching and leaving a protected computer, and includes intelligence to handle busy multiuser environments.

XyLoc is highly configurable at user, workstation, and group levels. It can allow completely ‘handsfree’ unlocking of a PC when a user returns within a configured grace period, and also supports a variety of two-factor authentication schemes. XyLoc simultaneously improves workstation security, compliance with security procedures, and end-user productivity.

The XyLoc Advantage

Improved User Convenience and Productivity – XyLoc saves time for end-users when they leave their workstations, when they return, and as they roam between XyLoc-protected stations. No more time lost for repetitive log-off/log-on actions, and fewer calls to the Help Desk for password support.

Greatly Improved Security – XyLoc’s full-time, walk-away security features significantly reduce an organization’s risk profile by protecting workstations when logged-on users step away from their machines. XyLoc is the only technology that provides an active-RF, proximity-aware solution to this problem.

Simplified User Compliance – By eliminating the need for manual log-off procedures, XyLoc effectively addresses one of the major problems of security policy enforcement: ensuring consistent end-user compliance.

Flexibility – XyLoc’s adaptability and configuration options allow organizations to deploy the combination of security, convenience, and overall cost structure that best fits their needs. XyLoc utilizes an open architecture and is completely compatible with biometrics and passive proximity devices.


XyLoc Walk-Up and Walk-Away Workstation Security

XyLoc's Active RF proximity technology boosts productivity and security by automatically detecting when authorized users leave and then re-approach a protected workstation. XyLoc automatically locks the machine when the user leaves, and unlocks it and restores the session when the user returns.

Note: XyLoc’s standard Lock and Key technology is based on 300, 800, or 900 MHz radio frequency bands, depending on the country of installation.