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XyLoc® by Ensure Technologies™

XyLoc In Action Hands-Free Authentication And Workstation Security

Full-Time Workstation Security.  Maximum User Convenience.

Most data breaches and damage to IT assets today occur as a result of inappropriate internal access to poorly secured PCs.

Ensure Technologies combats internal PC security exposures with its industry-proven XyLoc family of software and hardware solutions.  From XyLoc Single Sign-On (SSO) software, to active RF proximity cards and readers, Ensure solutions maintain a strong authentication environment to protect sensitive information and IT assets while keeping users productive.

XyLoc utilizes patented technology to provide the only radio frequency-based (RFID), active proximity ‘walk-away’ security products that automatically protect PCs when their users step away from them.  XyLoc is the only security solution that continues to actively protect the computer – and therefore the organization’s entire network – after a user has logged on.

No more need for users to remember to secure sensitive workstations before temporarily leaving them.  And no more periods of vulnerability as a result of timeout-based security settings.  XyLoc takes the burden of security compliance off the user and brings a level of personalization and convenience never before possible.

With over 200,000 users deployed worldwide today, XyLoc from Ensure Technologies is a proven solution – for hospitals and other healthcare providers, legal and financial institutions, government agencies, and any organization where internal security threats to computers are a serious concern.

The XyLoc Product Family

XyLoc Single Sign-On

XyLoc Single Sign-On (SSO)

A cost-effective software-based SSO capability that improves security while boosting end-user productivity.  Works with or without the XyLoc client and security server (XSS).

XyLoc Security Server

XyLoc Security Server (XSS)

A web server-based software platform that centrally manages and monitors XyLoc users and protected workstations throughout the enterprise.  Also enables detailed reporting and compliance auditing.

XyLoc Client

XyLoc Client

The base software client that resides on each XyLoc-protected workstation.  Works with XyLoc active RF proximity cards, 3rd-party passive proximity cards, and other authentication inputs.

XyLoc Self-Service Password Reset Manager

XyLoc Self-Service Password Reset Manager

Optional client add-on that minimizes Help Desk calls for password reset support.

XyLoc FastConnect For Epic

XyLoc FastConnect for Epic

Optional client add-on that provides extremely fast log-ons to Epic application environments.


Supporting Hardware and Devices

XyLoc Active RF ProximityXyLoc Active RF Proximity Cards and Readers

Ensure Technologies’ patented XyLoc active RF proximity technology is the key to full-time walk-away workstation security.  These solution elements include a radio transceiver ‘Lock’ (reader) that plugs into the protected computer via USB, and a wireless radio transceiver ‘Key’ (card/badge) worn by the user.

XyLoc provides full-time access control by assessing a user’s proximity and automatically locking the computer screen and keyboard when the user leaves the workstation.  XyLoc knows when users are approaching and leaving a protected computer, and includes intelligence to handle busy multi-user environments.

XyLoc Passive ProximityPassive Proximity Cards and Readers

XyLoc also works with passive proximity devices for traditional tap-in and tap-out user authentication control.  Proximity cards that are commonly used for building and secure room access can now also be used for PC workstation access.