XyLoc in State and Local Government

Ensure Technologies™ works with many government units at the state and local levels to protect access to sensitive workstations, networks, and information.  We have XyLoc® strong authentication deployments in place with social services agencies, county hospitals, libraries, and public education facilities – all designed to safeguard sensitive systems and data without placing enormous and error-prone security burdens on end users.

We also work with police departments and other emergency response units to secure access to vehicle-based PCs, helping these organizations meet the CJIS FIPS strong identity management standards.

For example, our technology partnership with ERT Systems has resulted in OnSite LockDown, a two-factor authentication security system protecting access to patrol car PCs and Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs).  This solution not only simplifies and speeds access for authorized users (i.e., the patrol officer), but also very importantly delivers a hands-free walk-away PC security environment that is so critical in active response situations.

police car with xyloc pc security

A patrol officer uses an in-vehicle PC secured by XyLoc and Onsite LockDown. When the officer leaves the vehicle, the PC is locked automatically via XyLoc's walk-away security.