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Case Study about VDI implementation with XyLoc

Hospital VDI Solution Case StudySome time ago we told you about a cool new cloud solution in partnership with Leostream Corporation’s connection broker.  Well, it isn’t just a cool story any more.  This solution has a real life implementation and, thanks to a lot of help from folks from Leostream, Wyse and CompuCom, we now have a fantastic case study out of it.

Cloud computing, as is the case with most newer technologies, obviously has a “cool” factor, but there are some very practical reasons that it makes sense for a lot of organizations, not the least of which is some major cost savings.

To quote Josh Gervey, Managing Consultant and National Practice Director for Enterprise Management Services at CompuCom, “…because of this solution we now have a better performing, significantly more secure, flexible and adaptable environment.  It’s managed better, with fewer resources, and at a much lower cost.”

How much lower cost?  Well, the hospital did an ROI calculation after implementation and determined a cost savings upwards of $471,000 and 1,600 hours of downtimeper year.

Now that…is a “cool” factor.

Check out the case study here and see how practical, and secure, a VDI solution can be for you.


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