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Leostream CorporationBy now, “cloud computing” and “VDI” have become household terms in the IT industry.  Being mostly a front end PC security solution, Ensure Technologies has always taken a fairly VDI-agnostic approach to cloud computing.  The core purpose of the XyLoc Client has been to add a nice middle ground between convenience and security.  To, as much as possible, meld the security needs of organizations with a seamless user desktop experience.  

Leostream Corporation’s Connection Broker is the industry’s most widely deployed vendor-independent connection broker.  Their model allows enterprises the ability to integrate a variety of complex solutions together without having to be locked into any one brand or vendor.  This vendor agnostic approach to IT is a philosophy we have in common and we’re very excited to be able to announce the integration of XyLoc into the Leostream Connect client for signing into Leostream’s VDI Connection Broker.

To quote the from the official press release, “Using the integrated solution, users with a XyLoc proximity card simply approach a thin client and are automatically logged into the Leostream Connection Broker, which then instantly identifies the user and connects them to the correct virtual desktop using single sign-on. From an end-user perspective, they walk up to a client device and their desktop greets them.”

Simplified sign-on with a badge or token of sorts has been going on a long time.  The real bread-and-butter of this combined solution, however, is the automated walk-away security using XyLoc’s patented Active RF proximity technology.  When a user leaves their defined  “Active Zone” the desktop will lock automatically and secure the desktop, protecting any applications and confidential data from other users.  When a new user takes control of the desktop, the Leostream Connection broker is signaled by the XyLoc client of the new user, automatically disconnects the previous user’s session and starts up the new user’s.  This previous session is still running out in “the cloud” and therefore all their work is retained in that session and the user can reconnect that session at any available workstation.

“Our team has been deploying the joint Leostream and Ensure Technologies solution to over 2000 medical staff members in a large health care organization,” says Josh Gervey, managing consultant at CompuCom, the leading IT outsourcing specialist. “The teams at Leostream and Ensure have created a superb integration that has simplified our job of managing the environment and allowed us to more fully focus on increasing the deployment scope. The HIPAA-compliant nature of this solution is an easy and essential win for health care organizations, and the intelligently transparent access to the virtualized desktop infrastructure decreases complexity while increasing security and productivity for the medical staff.”

See the full official press release here.  You can also visit Leostream’s website for more information and follow them on Twitter: @Leostream

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