How XyLoc Protects Workstations When They Are Most Vulnerable

XyLoc Walk-Up and Walk-Away Workstation Security

XyLoc's Active RF proximity technology boosts productivity and security by automatically detecting when authorized users leave and then reapproach a protected workstation.

XyLoc protects workstations at the most critical point – after an authorized user logs on, and then steps away from the machine.

XyLoc consists of a radio transceiver ‘Lock’ that plugs into the protected computer via USB, a wireless radio transceiver ‘Key’ (badge) worn by the user, and client/server software components. XyLoc provides full-time access control by assessing a user’s proximity and automatically locking the computer screen and keyboard when the user leaves the workstation. XyLoc knows when users are approaching and leaving a protected computer, and includes intelligence to handle busy multi-user environments.

XyLoc is highly configurable at user, workstation, and group levels. It can allow completely ‘hands-free’ unlocking of a PC when a user returns within a configured grace period, and also supports a variety of two-factor authentication schemes. XyLoc simultaneously improves workstation security, compliance with security procedures, and end-user productivity.

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